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MDLLA's Tracy Tutor Reveals Covid-19 Diagnosis! Plus, Is She Dating & Why Season 12 Was Pushed Back

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles powerhouse agent Tracy Tutor is at the top of her game and living her best life, despite a recent bout of Covid-19...

In an exclusive interview with CHRISTYreports Tracy explains how the pandemic has affected the upcoming twelfth season premiere of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

“I will tell you we weren’t exactly done with the season when Covid started. So you will see us all at home, and that’s a little sneak peek for you,” she reveals.

But Tracy isn’t hiding out in her new Bev Hills bachelorette pad. “I had it! So I’ve already been there. I had it in early March. I didn’t have it bad. But I did take two antibody tests, which confirmed that I did, in fact, have Covid-19.”

The mother of two knows she isn’t out of the woods forever, though. “If it mutates into something else in the fall I’m sure I’ll have to deal with that. For now I’m kind of, like, living my best life.”

That includes some hot dates! “I don’t really know if you’re really going to see that on the show this season. I was a little bit protective of that. But I am dating, and I’m happy,” she dishes.

Since her 2018 divorce from Jason Maltas, Tracy has also kept their daughters off-camera. “My girls are still not appearing on the show. That was a decision that Jason and I made when we parted ways, as a couple. We just wanted to protect them.”

But fans may see ten-year-old Scarlett, and Juliet, 14, return to Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles in the future. “Perhaps they’ll join again. But we just kind of thought it was in their best interest to keep them off the show.”

While Tracy tries to keep her personal life private, MDLLA’s cast of male cohorts have become her best buds. Million Dollar Listing New York star, Fredrik Eklund will appear on the So Cal franchise this season. “He’s in L.A. full time, and selling real estate. He lives down the street from me, and he’s a pal. He’s great.”

Tracy is making moves herself! After lighting up Instagram recently with a hardcore workout video, she admits it wasn’t easy to hit that share button. “Everyone is so damn judgy…I had to be comfortable about getting to a place where I felt good enough about my body to just kind of like, take a picture, not put a filter on it, and be comfortable.”

She wants to help fans ditch their fears, too! Tracy’s first book, Fear Is Just a Four-Letter Word: How to Develop the Unstoppable Confidence to Own Any Room hits stores on July 14.

“I want to share what I’ve been through. A ton of failures, a ton of sort of misjudgments on my part, and just a lot of learning. And hopefully I can share that with young women coming into business, or women that maybe are my age and are thinking about getting back into the work force or into the business world that are kind of terrified,” she says.

The tough-talking top agent is opening up like never before. “There’s definitely some things that I don’t share on the show that I share in this book,” Tracy teases. “Little peeks into some of the clients that I’ve had on the show that maybe didn’t air, which I think some of the viewers will find interesting if they watch the show and pick up the book.”

But with Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ season 12 premiere date being pushed back not once but THREE times, when will we be able to watch the show??

“The premiere for Million Dollar Listing [LA] has been changed a few times, and fans are getting antsy,” Tracy declares. “So I will tell you once and for all it will be June sixteenth, and we will be airing at 9pm with a long episode for you guys.” Yay!

A supersized premiere of MDLLA is just what we all need right now! So tune in to Bravo on June 16 at 10/9pm Central and pre-order Fear Is Just A Four-Letter Word now!

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