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Vanderpump Rules' Karrah Patterson Reveals All On Max Hookup, Fight with Danica, Vegas Spinoff

Updated: May 21, 2020

On Vanderpump Rules she’s known as Scheana Shay’s doppelgänger. “[Lisa Vanderpump] did say the first time I met her, her jaw dropped and she was like, ‘You’re Scheana!’”

But Las Vegas cocktail waitress Karrah Patterson made a name for herself last night on the hit Bravo show’s season eight finale.

In an exclusive interview with CHRISTYreports Karrah reveals what really went down when she confronted Stassi Schroeder and Ariana Madix at the TomTom anniversary party. Karrah, who works at the Caesar’s Palace Vanderpump Cocktail Garden says it all started when what happened in Vegas didn’t stay there!

Fans first met Karrah when the OG cast members headed to Sin City for Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz’s wedding redo. The brunette stunner waited on the group, and knew something was up with Max Boyens.

“I kind of felt that something is brewing…I can feel the energy that they’re trying to connect us. Not just production, but the cast were like, ooooh Max and Karrah.”

She appeared briefly in a ‘morning after’ scene in the TomTom general manager’s hotel room, but insists they hadn’t been intimate—yet. “We were both still fully clothed…Nothing had happened when the cameras first came in.”

Karrah thought she’d been used by Max, a Vanderpump Rules newbie, to enhance his storyline. “I was pissed, because at that point I hadn’t talked to him yet. I felt like he had set me up, because I didn’t know he was going to be a new cast member.”

As soon as the crew disappeared Max explained himself. Then they got down to business. “We had a little fun, and honestly Max is a sweetheart. I think he’s a doll. He tried really hard to be nice to me after that situation and I kind of ghosted him.”

A couple weeks later Karrah was invited to a photo shoot at TomTom in West Hollywood.

“When they asked me to come do the photo shoot I’m like, at this point I might as well. I already have this look about me. I was honestly excited. I was like, well maybe I can go get some type of retribution for myself.”

But she was quickly sucked into the drama at TomTom. “It was just so stressful from the minute I walked in, because the first thing I’m told after seeing [Max] and meeting Scheana for the first time was like, oh and you’re the fifth one he slept with here. Welcome to the eskimo sister pack!”

After taking multiple shots with the cast Karrah tried to intervene when she saw Stassi, Ariana and Scheana arguing. “I know I’m hanging over Stassi’s shoulder all crazy. Look, I’m hammered. I’ll admit it to you. I drank way too much. I was over my limit, I think just because I was so anxious.”

SUR assistant manager Danica Dow confronted Karrah, demanding she leave the other cast members alone and eventually pushing her not once, but twice.

Karrah says her past history with an abusive ex-fiancè made the attack difficult to move on from. “After that night filming I was so triggered for weeks. I was sick because of this night in Hollywood.”

Was Scheana #2 just collateral damage as Danica struggled for screen time? She thinks so. “It was conniving. [Danica] was pissed off that she wasn’t involved. So she had to find a way to make herself involved. Why say you’re going to stop drama and then create more?”

Though the Vanderpump Rules season is coming to a close, Karrah claims Danica continues to provoke her on social media. “I would’ve been perfectly happy just to leave things where they were. But at this point I feel like she’s coming for me so hard, and now she’s involved Dayna in it. They’re saying some really nasty things about me and dragging me.”

So will fans see these sexy foes square off again next season? The Vegas girl is up for more guest appearances, but would never consider moving to Los Angeles to join the cast.

Karrah has her hopes set on boss lady LVP landing another spinoff. She says Bravo execs are definitely interested. “We haven’t filmed a pilot yet. But I have been questioned [by producers] a little bit about my lifestyle, what life is like in Vegas.”

We’ll keep you posted on that. Meanwhile watch Vanderpump Rules: Secrets Revealed Tuesday, 5/26, at 9pm/E, followed by a three-part reunion premiering June 2. Can't wait!

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