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Vanderpump Rules News! OGs Getting a Spin-off, Newbies Getting Fired, Scenes Getting FAKED??

Updated: 12 hours ago

We're a few episodes into Vanderpump Rules season eight & there's more going on off-camera than Bravo wants you to know. Entertainment reporter Christy Olson has the details in this exclusive video...

Here's an update on newbies Max Boyens & Brett Caprioni's controversial tweets, the clear signs that conversation between Lisa Vanderpump & Ariana Madix was staged, Lala Kent's podcast, Lisa's exciting comments about the original cast getting a spin-off & lots more!

Brett Caprioni faced backlash on Twitter after past racist and offensive tweets resurfaced in 2020. Following the revelation of these tweets, which included derogatory comments about various groups, he was fired from "Vanderpump Rules."

Max Boyens was fired from Vanderpump Rules in 2020 after past racist tweets were discovered. The tweets included offensive language and derogatory remarks about various racial groups.

The revelation of these tweets led to significant backlash from fans and cast members, prompting Bravo to take action and ultimately leading to Max's departure from the show.

These controversies highlighted ongoing issues of accountability within reality TV and led to a broader discussion about the behavior of cast members both on and off-screen.

Many fans speculated that the scene between Lisa Vanderpump and Ariana Madix in Season 8 of Vanderpump Rules had elements of staging, as is common in reality TV. While the emotions and tensions felt authentic, some viewers believed that the producers may have influenced the confrontation to create drama and narrative tension for the season.

Lala Kent's podcast, "Give Them Lala," has gained significant popularity as a platform where she shares her candid thoughts on various topics, including relationships, personal growth, and the realities of life in the spotlight.

Launched in 2020, the podcast showcases her authentic personality and unfiltered opinions, often featuring discussions about her experiences on Vanderpump Rules, her journey through motherhood, and her entrepreneurial ventures.

Lala frequently invites guests from the reality TV world and beyond, creating engaging conversations that resonate with her listeners and provide insights into the challenges and triumphs of her life. In addition to personal anecdotes, Lala's podcast addresses deeper themes, such as mental health, self-empowerment, and the importance of setting boundaries.

In 2020, there was significant speculation that Bravo would create a spinoff of Vanderpump Rules, fueled by the show's ongoing popularity and the evolving dynamics among the cast. With several cast members gaining individual followings and engaging storylines developing, fans and insiders anticipated that Bravo might explore new avenues beyond the original series.

Discussions around potential concepts for a spinoff often revolved around the lives of specific cast members, such as Lala Kent or Ariana Madix, as they navigated their careers, relationships, and personal growth outside the main restaurant setting.

The speculation intensified as the network aimed to capitalize on the success of the franchise during a time when reality TV was experiencing a surge in viewership. Producers considered various angles, including expanding into new locations or focusing on different aspects of the cast's lives, such as their business ventures or personal relationships.

Although no official announcement was made in 2020, the excitement surrounding a potential spinoff reflected the strong investment viewers had in the lives of the Vanderpump Rules cast and the desire to see more of their stories unfold on screen.

Stassi Schroeder revealed some time later that there were discussions about a Vanderpump Rules spinoff focusing on her wedding, emphasizing that it would kick off a new series.

The Valley, a new reality series on Bravo, premiered in 2024 to much anticipation, showcasing the lives of aspiring influencers and entrepreneurs navigating the competitive landscape of the entertainment industry.

Set in the vibrant atmosphere of the San Fernando Valley, The Valley follows a diverse group of individuals, some who previously starred on Vanderpump Rules as they chase their dreams while managing personal relationships and the pressures of social media fame.

Before Scandoval, Vanderpump Rules was known for its dynamic cast relationships, vibrant social scene, and the ups and downs of the restaurant industry. The show often focused on the friendships, rivalries, and romantic entanglements among the staff at SUR, providing plenty of drama and entertaining storylines.

Fans are drawn to the cast's evolving journeys, which often included weddings, breakups, and new ventures, creating a rich tapestry of life in the heart of West Hollywood.

Take it back to season 8 with this CHRISTYreports video.

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