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Get Amber Scholl's Style: Jewelry & Poshmark Designer Dupes

Who is Amber Scholl? Amber Scholl is a jewelry designer, popular DIY YouTuber & the fashion mastermind behind Sugar Baby Chic! Here are Amber Scholl's Poshmark style dupes, jewelry favorites, home decor, & designer-inspired shoes & bags from Amazon...

Why is Amber Scholl famous? Amber Scholl built a huge YouTube audience with her DIY home decor & 'Broke B*tch Tips' videos. Amber's shopping vlogs are also super popular.

In Amber Scholl's first viral video she created a DIY marble floor that is apartment safe. Click the pick to get the look...

How old is Amber Scholl? Born on August 13, 1993, Amber Scholl is 29 years old. But her style is what she calls Sugar Baby Chic (guaranteed to catch the eye of any wealthy, mature suitor).

This fur robe comes in several heart-stopping colors & is Amber's favorite.

Does Amber Scholl have a boyfriend? While Amber Scholl has admitted to dating celebrities & fellow YouTubers, she is currently single. Endlesss shopping leaves little time for love.

How tall is Amber Scholl? Amber Scholl is 5'3". That's 5'9" in an Amber-approved stiletto with feather trim.

Amber Scholl designs her own jewelry line, 333 & Co. Here's a dupe for the 333 & Co. 'Ice Ring,' which Amber also has...

This exact ring was featured in one of Amber Scholl's YouTube videos.

Get more of Amber Scholl's favorite things from Amazon...

A faux Burberry scarf to complete the look?

Five out of five would recommend!

Want to recreate Amber Scholl's exact Instagram aesthetic?

Start with this money bag. Likes for days.

Amber Scholl bikini body not included.

Even if you're not going to the iconic Versace Mansion, you can dress like it.

More from Amber Scholl's IG...She has both pairs of these butterfly stilettos & calls these a perfect dupe for the super expensive designer ones.

This is even cheaper & easier than Amber's $50K celebrity-inspired DIY flower wall!

These are the exact same satin sheets Amber Scholl gets her beauty rest on every night.

For more of Amber Scholl's home decor favorites check out this Amazon list.

Up your IG game to Amber Scholl fashionista status with these heels.

Get Amber Scholl's red carpet look with this sexy two piece set.

This is the exact one Amber is rocking!

Amber wore this top on her trip to Paris.

Get the famous Amber Scholl chandelier!

DIY marble countertops, by Amber Scholl.

Amber Clause...ho, ho, ho (ha, ha, ha).

And finally, here's everything Amber Scholl (& you!) uses to catfish the entire internet.

From the perfect liner for overlining lips to getting that perfect glow at home, these are the exact products in Amber's arsenal...

Amber uses Rihanna's Fenty Beauty foundation & Matte Skinstick to contour.

You can find both on sale at Amazon...

This Bondi Sands self tanning foam that Amber Scholl loves is so easy to use & gives me a deep, natural color.

Look like you spent the weekend in Malibu!

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