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The Hills: New Beginnings' Lindsey Pelas Speaks on Justin Bobby Relationship, Cast's Reaction, More

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Star of The Hills: New Beginnings, model, entrepreneur & host of the Eyes Up Here podcast, Lindsey Pelas joins me on Instagram Live. Press play to watch the interview below, or keep reading for the scoop on Justin Bobby, how Lindsey was treated by the cast, her business endeavors, and a lot of other juicy stuff...

With nearly 10 million Instagram followers and a resumé that includes speaking on digital marketing panels, Lindsey Pelas is much more than an influencer. But when she was introduced as Justin Bobby's girlfriend on The Hills: New Beginnings, cast members like Audrina Patridge, Mischa Barton, Stephanie Pratt, and Heidi and Spencer Pratt had a lot to say about the all-natural beauty.

"Honestly it was exactly what I'm used to in real life. I think I've always said, I know that my body type especially gets under people's skin. It's just kind of this knee jerk reaction when you see blonde hair and big boobs. So many people have this kind of feeling about that," Lindsey explains. "I know that this happens every time I go to a party or I meet new people. So I'm glad you got to see it, because this is exactly what happens to me everywhere I go."

Adding that she didn't follow The Hills: New Beginnings before appearing on it, Lindsey Pelas says she had to watch when her scenes began airing. But despite knowing what kind of reaction she'd get from her co-stars, the FHM covergirl was still hesitant about appearing on the show. She got advice from friend and former The Hills star, Jayde Nicole. "Reality TV can always be really, really scary. You never know who you're going to be on the show. She's just nervous about it general...She just said, be a little careful, because I know what that world is like."

Of course when one is stepping into that world as notorious playboy Justin Bobby's new squeeze, viewers' could respond with extra scrutiny. But to Lindsey's surprise, "It was a lot more positive than I expected. So I'm like, this is new. I was actually completely shocked. I thought that it would be a ton of assholes, but it wasn't."

So are Lindsey and Justin Bobby still a couple? "I'm going to keep that a secret," Lindsey says coyly, adding that she doesn't know if she'll be part of The Hills: New Beginnings season 2 cast. She's currently focused on producing new episodes of her podcast and an upcoming annual photo calendar. "We're shooting October 8th & 9th...I have a theme all set up," Lindsey teases.

The entrepreneur is also part of an all-female (and mostly model)-backed vegan eatery in Los Angeles called Sugar Taco. "It's really busy. We have all kinds of hotties and models and celebs that come in and out. The food is just amazing and it's healthy, which is, like, unreal." Spearheaded by Jayde, Sugar Taco is doing more than empowering businesswomen. "We're a hundred percent sustainable, we are a paperless business...nothing is wasted. Even our furniture is made of recycled material," Lindsey boasts. How cool is that?!

Follow Lindsey @LindseyPelas and look out for more Instagram Live interviews with reality stars and other celebs @CHRISTYreports!

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