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Good News: Dad loses 80 lbs. to save son, bike mechanic works miracles, Air Force women spark change

I have good news...

Dad's Massive Weight Loss to Save Son's Life

A determined Canadian man shed 80 pounds in one year! How did he do it? Daniel Kablutsiak cut his sugar intake and walked three miles a day. But the determination to give his son a normal life is what kept this dad motivated.

In 2020, Hunter Kablutsiak was diagnosed with stage five kidney disease. The sixteen-year-old survives on an a regimen of 10 pills a day, that take a toll on his body. Hunter needs a transplant and Daniel was a prime candidate, with one exception. Because of his weight, helping to save his son’s life could put his at risk. Doctors told Daniel he needed to lose nearly a third of his body weight to be considered.

So this determined dad took action, watching his diet and hitting the gym when those three mile walks outside were too cold or the threat of polar bears was too dangerous!

While this is not a happy ending quite yet, Daniel got a priceless gift on his birthday in March—a phone call with the news that he was accepted to be Hunter’s kidney donor. The surgery is scheduled for June.

This committed dad is close to giving his son that normal life their family dreams of. But his better health also allowed Daniel to play hockey with Hunter this winter, which he couldn’t do before his weight loss.

New Air Force Initiative is Making Service Safer for Women

The mission of the Female Fitment Program is to enhance warfighter performance, protection and survivability. They’re updating Air Force uniforms that haven’t been redesigned for thirty or forty years!

According to female Airmen surveyed for the program, maternity uniforms in particular needed an overhaul, and it’s happening.

Women of the Air Force are getting better fitting, safer uniforms with their participation in the Female Fitment Program. Volunteers offer insight on needs that differ based on age, ethnicity, rank and job.

The proud designers involved say they see how much relief and happiness the uniform changes bring to women in the Air Force.

Not only are they no longer expected to fit into uniforms made for men. They’re getting their voices heard, and affecting much-needed change.

Thank you for your service!

Maine Bike Mechanic Helps Those in Need of Transportation

Brian Diamond-Falk has helped over three hundred New Mainers get back on the road by restoring broken bikes. His speciality is refreshing a set of wheels to the perfect fit for its new owner.

Those getting back on the road with Brian’s help include local residents who work at night when city buses aren’t running, asylum seekers who often have trouble obtaining a drivers license, and families with otherwise no means of transportation.

Brian works with organizations like Neighbors in Need and others who are making a difference. Chairperson of the South Portland Bicycle-Pedestrian Committee, Rosemarie De Angelis, has reached into her own pocket for lights, helmets and bike locks, as some of the new owners are unhoused or in assisted housing where they can’t store their bikes inside.

Brian and Rosemarie are helping to give people the freedom to travel safely to work, school, & all the places they need to go.

Kids' Shoes Expand Three Sizes, Are Sustainably Produced

Now available globally is a line of shoes that grow with children’s feet as they age. The shoes uncurl over time, which is what inspired the idea.

It is a pair of entrepreneurs and childhood friends from India who designed Aretto shoes, with the help of pediatric podiatrists.

This footwear isn’t just a brilliant way for parents to save cash. They’re also good for kids’ feet and super comfortable, as they grow up to three sizes. So kids can wear their favorite pair that much longer.

Plus, they’re sustainably produced! Shop Aretto shoes here.

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